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Cocktails on the house, some dance and culture, all happening this weekend

Mind the barre
Sita Cultural Centre has introduced ballet classesA�for children from the age of four years. Ballet is said to teach children disciplineA�and confidence. The lessons also help improve posture, coordination and flexibility. Participants will get toA�learn the basics of theA�dance from NovemberA�11, 5.15 pm onwards.Details: 09944016128

About a boatman
The film club at Alliance Francaise in Pondicherry gives us a dose of Assamese with Jahnu Baruaa��s Xagoroloi Bohudoor (Ita��s a Long Way to the Sea) on Sunday. The story revolves around a boatman who earns his living by sailing in the nearby ghats. The problem begins when the government constructs a bridge, which affects his earnings. At the auditorium, on November 10. Details: alliancefrancaisepondichery.com

Opposites attract
American photographer, Waswo X Waswo, will be exhibiting his photographs as part of Pondy Art. His show, Confessions of an Evil Orientalist, is pertinent to both Pondicherry and Chennai as it is a reflection on the interactions and relationships between cultures (foreigner vs local). At Goubert Avenue, tomorrow, from 5 pm onwards. Details: 9791944182

Girls in luck
This one is for the ladies. At Risque, the leather bar at La Promenade, enjoy complimentary drinks like pomegranate mojitos and strawberry slings. Plus, savour international and domestic wine from brands like Sula, Grover and Four Seasons, mocktails and an exclusive blend of coffee. Every Wednesday, from 6 pm onwards. Details: 0413 2227750

The Warhol story
Catch up on Andy Warhol a�� Life & Death by Jean Michel Vecchiet as part of the Friday Movie Club at Cholamandal Artistsa�� Village. The film explores the frontier between Warhola��s life and his art. There will also be interviews with his friends like Gerard Malanga, Ultraviolet, Billy Name and Peter Beard. Includes unseen photos and film footage of the private Warhol.A� At Cholamandal Artistsa�� Village, today. Details: 24490092

Abstracts on glass
This week, ita��s the turn of mural artist Ambily from Kozhikode in Kerala to showcase her glass paintings at DakshinaChitra. Her themes range from Kerala murals to mythology, nature and abstracts on glass, using techniques like acid etching, bitumen and special paints. Natural light and backlit LEDs bring in another dimension to glass murals, says the artist. Starting tomorrow, from 10 am onwards. Details:24918943

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