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    Resolving to be fitter this year can be the toughest promise to keep. Take charge with one of the seasona��s best a�?early birda�� offers

    The New Year resolutions have been made, now ita��s time to follow through. From boot camps to yoga, we bring you limited-period deals and new programmes that promise to help you achieve your fitness goal this year.
    New boot camp @
    Combat Kinetics
    If you cana��t run a short distance or climb a few flights
    of stairs, the folks at Combat Kinetics dona��t think
    you can grade yourself as a human! Their new fitness boot camp a�� launching on February 1 with four
    packages (one, three, six and 12 months) a�� will help
    you improve your form. Go from basic fitness
    (one month to certify as a human) to professional (12-month programme). `5,000 to `30,000.
    Also, Flawless, their personal training programme, is starting today. Avail custom-made routines, with an entire team a�� physiotherapist, nutritionist, qualified trainer a�� dedicated to your body transformation. `25,000 a month. Plus, get 20 per cent off on all packages if you sign up before January 15. Details: 42669068

    Free motivation @
    Health Forum
    Sign up for six months at the fitness centre in Shenoy Nagar and get another six months free. They will also throw in free diet counselling and three sessions of personal training. Till January 31. `8,000 plus tax. Details: 9884107067

    Early start @
    Divya Rolla School
    ? This onea��s for children and adults. Rollaa��s school of yoga and pilates in RA Puram has kidsa�� yoga classes that combine games and asanas for children between four and 13 years. Mondays-Fridays, 4.30 pm to 5.15 pm. `1,250 a month.
    ? The adult classes in their Chetpet outlet are a unique combination of classical asanas and pranayama, along with core strengthening exercises borrowed from STOTT Pilates. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 7.30 am to 8.30 am. `3,000 a month. Details: 9840101989

    Posture smart @ Zorba
    The first step towards physical wellness is good posture. Zorba is offering a one-week posture alignment programme at their outlets in Harrington Road and Mount Road. The one-hour group class will also include aerobics. From January 12. `5,500. Details: 9001690777

    Short and intense @
    Blue Movement Circle
    Their all-new STINT programme (short term intensive training) is designed for people with a basic level of fitness who want to take it up a notch. The three-month programme includes a mix of high intensity interval training, cardio, stretching and some essentials of martial arts (drawn from kalari, krav maga and the like). `10,000 (for a small group) and `27,000 for one-on-one sessions. Details: 42013604
    Couplea��s incentive @
    Golda��s gym
    Go as a couple and get `4,000 shaved off your annual membership fee (`21,000). A great deal, especially since this gym a�� renowned for their professional trainers and dedication towards fitness a�� will throw in their classes on spinning, Pilates, yoga, aerobics, kick boxing and Zumba for free. Till January 31. Details: 42038444

    Drop 3 kilos @ Yoga 136.1
    Sign up for a weight-loss boot camp. Starting from January 16, this one-month programme a�� which combines intense power yoga and kalari a�� assures a minimum three-kilo loss. Choose a morning or evening session, six days a week, at `8,000 plus tax. They have also introduced yoga at home a�� where professionals will take you through a 12-session programme. At `6,000 plus tax. This introductory offer will be available only until they get 100 registrations. Details: 42347670

    Go green @ Auroville Retreat
    Even as you sweat it out at gyms, take a break in between to give yourself a few days of detoxing. Head to Pondicherry, where the Auroville Retreat has a Reboot with Juice retreat. Recommended for a minimum of three days (you can extend your stay), you will consume nine organic fruit and vegetable juicesa��like papaya-lemon-ginger and wheatgrass-lemona��per day. The facility will provide accommodation. `4,750. Details: 9843948288

    Fresh new start @ Evolve
    If you have only just decided to join the gym, then you couldna��t have picked a better time. Evolve Fitness Studio is offering 50 per cent off on their half yearly (`18,000) and annual membership fees (36,000), for new members. Besides general fitness, this will also give you access to yoga and aerobics, along with Zumba, Bollywood dance and gymnastics (only for kids). Owner Dhananjai Ga��s Strike 12 sessiona��a combination of 12 different exercises geared to give you an intense workouta��is also part of the package. For anyone interested in giving Pilates a try, they will be starting their new batch on January 20. Discounts available till January 17.
    Details: 43129869

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