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Mexican to Asian, Tasteation brings global favourites to vegetarians in the city

TASTATION9Ita��s not every day that vegetarians get much more than idlis, dosas and North Indian staples as dine-out optionsa��barring good hotels, that is. Nudging aside the commonplace is Kilpauka��s new restaurant, Tasteation. Bringing global flavours and favourites, this 46-cover is the brainchild of three friends: Samir Nanavati, Pranav Lilani and Pinky Bokadia. a�?Initially, we wanted to start a bakery, but Pinky convinced us to get more experimental,a�? laughs Nanavati, the man behind the Crumbs & Cakes chain and the erstwhile Mocha coffee chain.
Spread over two floorsa��with functional yet colourful furniture and walls sporting black-and-white sketches of street food scenesa��Tasteation is charming and cosy. But the menu is what gets our undivided attention. Featuring over a 100 dishes, divided into soups, starters, salads, mains and dessertsa��across cuisines ranging from Mexican to Asiana��we dona��t know where to start. So we leave it to Bokadia, who supervises the international kitchen.
TASTATION6We begin with a watermelon and feta salad that is light and refreshing, balancing both sweet and tart. This is quickly followed by a spicy Mongolian stir fry that has us asking for seconds. a�?Our Burmese khow suey is a hot favourite, too,a�? says Bokadia. We like the fact that theya��ve given their own twist to fooda��like the Indie Fondue (an addictive cheesy surprise, inspired by pav bhaji) and the kiwi and pineapple chimmach (a take on the gola thata��s a great way to end a meal). a�?We will be tweaking the menu soon, adding more dishes a�� including South Indian favourites (they already have an extensive Punjabi selection) a�� and also kick-off home delivery,a�? Lilani signs off.Meal for two at Rs.450. Details: 43504599
a��Surya Praphulla Kumar
Pics: R Satish Babu