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Get ready to taste age-old recipes at K&K

Ita��s not often that you see old cuisines finding space on your platter. But chef Aamer Jamal at K&K, ITC Kakatiya is doing precisely that. At the food promotion named Gulzar-E-Gazak, (blooming flowers of the season in English), the highlights are lesser-known true-blue Deccani delights like Habibia Chaamp, Abu Galambo Kebab and Mallika-E-Dariya. These delights promise the taste of an era gone by which is best relished during monsoons for that nostalgic feel.
After months of research and tasting, Chef Jamal has come up with the line-up of these dishes. For example Habibia Chaamp is named after the food connoisseur Habib-Ur-Rahman and is prepared with hot Guntur chillies, malt vinegar and onions. In Murgh Burra, he has used only mace and Karan Phool that gives the pieces a succulent melt-in-mouth velvet feel.
While many of the dishes in the menu are based on chicken and lamb, the chef has also introduced sea-food like shrimps and crabs. The crab kebab is named royally Abu Galambo which sounds like the name of some central Asian military commander. Laughs chef Jamal, a�?Crab is called by this name in Iran. Hence, the name.a�?
We also liked Zaituni Machhi. As the name suggests, ita��s fish done with olive paste. Mackerel of six or seven inches is marinated in olive paste, olive oil and salt for 20 minutes and then wrapped in grapevine leaves.
After that ita��s given steam dum which completes the dish. Ita��s served with a dash of lemon juice. Prices start from `875.
This promotion will last till August 14. Details: 23400132

a�� Saima Afreen


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