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Punjab Grill, the new restaurant in the city offers exquisite delights from the region with a touch of exotic flavours

Who doesna��t know celebrity chef Jiggs Kalra? And when his illustrious name is associated with the recipes of a particular restaurant, one is bound to get tempted to dine there. Punjab Grill, founded by the master chef, comes to town.
The master chef may no longer be associated with the restaurant, but it does have his signature recipes. Sample this: Eucalyptus tree bark applied on lamb-ribs chops. This gives the dish a unique flavour which is both mild and mouth-watering. They have more such interesting combination and plush-serene interiors to woo the guests.

The decor
The interiors done in teak and sal-wood lit up with lamps in yellow glow remind you of those quaint Irish cafes with large windows half-draped with cream curtains where you can overlook the pathway canopied with tall trees. The tables have cushioned chairs and the upholstery is in pastels. This combined with polished wood gives a comfy look. There is one small room done in wood especially reserved for private dining. The restaurant is roughly divided in two sides- one where buffet is served during the lunch-time, the other one for a la carte.

The taste
Thata��s where the restaurant stand outs from other places in the city which promise you authentic North Indian food. Elsewhere you typically get over-spiced, super-oily dishes in loud red colours. The food is mild here with spices and flavours nicely balanced and layered on one another. You can choose from the wide array of items like Chaanp Tajdar, Veg Kurkuri, Hara Bhara kebab, Bhatti Da Murgh, Tandoori Broccoli, Paneer Tikka Multani, Tandoori Pomfret, Butter Chicken, Paneer Jalebi and Litchi Ki Tehri. Ita��s Chaanp Tajdar that is marinated with eucalyptus tree bark and combined with other herbs. It is called Tajdar (crowned) is because the lamb-ribs crowned with the thin bones look unique. The taste, too, didna��t belie the name.
Says chef Vijay, a�?People prefer barbecued items here. The challenge is to keep the spices balanced according to the local flavours.a�?
We recommend Veg Kurkuri – a crispy wrap filled with processed cheese, bell peppers, olive, sun-dried potatoes and mushrooms. The dip of sweet and spicy sauce gave it a delicious taste. We also liked Litch Ki Tehri – a sweet dish of fresh/canned litchis cooked in thickened milk, mixed with crunchy fox-nuts. It tasted somewhat like Umm Ali, an Egyptian dessert. But it was better on health quotient with its fruits and roasted nuts. Those who dona��t care about calories can go for Paneer Jalebi, the sweetened loops of mashed cottage cheese – not to be confused with the Bengali Channar Jalebi.

Price and portion
The portions of the starters were decent and sufficed for two. The pieces of Bhatti Ka Murgh, succulent and juicy, were large enough for the appetite. However, Tandoori Broccoli pieces were a bit too large. The management prefers booking from the guests beforehand. Price for two: `1,300++ Time: 12 pm-12 am. Details: 33194169

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