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    An art workshop that targets self-esteem issues
    Paint your dreams, they say. Now with Play Art—a two-hour interactive workshop being conducted by Apparao Galleries and NalandaWay—you can paint your worries, too. “We will use art as a medium to explore emotions,” says Sriram Ayer, founder and CEO of NalandaWay, a non-profit organisation. “While our core area is working with marginalised children, we also wanted to reach out to children from an urban background as the challenges they face are not dissimilar,” he adds.

    Catch them young
    According to Iyer, over 10 years of work has shown how art can help in healing, reducing depression and even with performance at school—by boosting a child’s confidence. And with adolescent depression being significantly high nowadays and youngsters battling self-esteem issues, such exercises are key, he explains. “We are targeting youngsters (13 to 20) as this is when they discover their identity and start to think of themselves in relation to their peers,” says Uma Viswanathan, head of projects at NalandaWay. “Once the art helps them to open up, we will discuss their work and speak about their belief systems,” she says.

    Road ahead
    Ayer plans to make his association with  Apparao Galleries a long term one. “I want to hold monthly workshops, to use art to speak about education, behaviour, social change and more,” he signs off.
    Tomorrow at Sandy’s (Cenotaph Road), 3 pm to 5 pm. Details: 9941012385

    —Surya Praphulla Kumar


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