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    An art workshop that targets self-esteem issues
    Paint your dreams, they say. Now with Play Arta��a two-hour interactive workshop being conducted by Apparao Galleries and NalandaWaya��you can paint your worries, too. a�?We will use art as a medium to explore emotions,a�? says Sriram Ayer, founder and CEO of NalandaWay, a non-profit organisation. a�?While our core area is working with marginalised children, we also wanted to reach out to children from an urban background as the challenges they face are not dissimilar,a�? he adds.

    Catch them young
    According to Iyer, over 10 years of work has shown how art can help in healing, reducing depression and even with performance at schoola��by boosting a childa��s confidence. And with adolescent depression being significantly high nowadays and youngsters battling self-esteem issues, such exercises are key, he explains. a�?We are targeting youngsters (13 to 20) as this is when they discover their identity and start to think of themselves in relation to their peers,a�? says Uma Viswanathan, head of projects at NalandaWay. a�?Once the art helps them to open up, we will discuss their work and speak about their belief systems,a�? she says.

    Road ahead
    Ayer plans to make his association withA� Apparao Galleries a long term one. a�?I want to hold monthly workshops, to use art to speak about education, behaviour, social change and more,a�? he signs off.
    Tomorrow at Sandya��s (Cenotaph Road), 3 pm to 5 pm. Details: 9941012385

    a��Surya Praphulla Kumar


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