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    Make time for four plays courtesy My Theatre Festival by Crea-Shakthi

    Dushyanth Gunashekar, 25, the creative head of theatre group Crea- Shakthi, is ready with the third edition of My Theatre Festival. Over the last two years, the fest has seen everything from mime, to sci-fi to sketches to the absurd. This year is no different. “We have an original script called Bosslady, penned by Nayantara Nayar and Tanvi Patel from Crea-Shakthi. Then there is Alfred Hitchcock’s  Rope, by Lights Out Please, an energetic bunch from SSN Engineering College. We are also excited to reprise Two Timing, our comedy sketch franchise, with a new director and cast,” he says. IMG-20140106-WA0003

    Gunashekhar tells us more about the festival. “The core idea of MYTF was not only performance but also peer competition and training,” says Gunashekhar, who finds Women’s Christian College’s Dramatically Correct theatre group (they are rounding up the fest with Inner Laws), promising “for their sheer professionalism and conduct.”

    MYTF began as the first youth theatre festival in Chennai. “Be it Drama-log (a competition between campuses) or performances and workshops, the aim is the coming together of youngsters,” he says.  As always, Mahesh Dattani will be conducting a playwright workshop (on January 11). Just when we thought the theatre scene in Chennai has gotten bigger and better, Gunashekhar, says, “Because the quantum has increased, it doesn’t mean it has gotten better. I feel that theatre groups (including my own) are not doing enough to spread the craft to new audiences. The emphasis on training is also quite low.”

    Two Timing is at Music Academy, on January 25, from 3.30 pm onwards. Details: 9940138749

    —Mrinalini Sundar


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