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    Make time for four plays courtesy My Theatre Festival by Crea-Shakthi

    Dushyanth Gunashekar, 25, the creative head of theatre group Crea- Shakthi, is ready with the third edition of My Theatre Festival. Over the last two years, the fest has seen everything fromA�mime, to sci-fi to sketches to the absurd. This year is no different. a�?We have an original script called Bosslady, penned by Nayantara Nayar and Tanvi Patel from Crea-Shakthi. Then there is Alfred Hitchcocka��sA� Rope, by Lights Out Please, an energetic bunch from SSN Engineering College. We are also excited to reprise Two Timing, our comedy sketch franchise, with a new director and cast,a�? he says.A�IMG-20140106-WA0003

    Gunashekhar tells us more about the festival. a�?The core idea of MYTF was not only performance but also peer competition and training,a�? saysA�Gunashekhar, who finds Womena��s Christian Collegea��s Dramatically Correct theatre group (they are rounding up the fest with Inner Laws), promising a�?for their sheer professionalism and conduct.a�?

    MYTF began as the first youth theatre festival in Chennai. a�?Be it Drama-log (a competition between campuses) or performances and workshops, the aim is the coming together of youngsters,a�? he says.A� As always, Mahesh Dattani will be conducting a playwright workshop (on January 11). Just when we thought the theatre scene in Chennai has gotten bigger and better,A�Gunashekhar, says, a�?Because the quantum has increased, it doesna��t mean it has gotten better. I feel that theatre groups (including my own) are not doing enough to spread the craft to new audiences. The emphasis on training is also quite low.a�?

    Two Timing is at Music Academy, on January 25, from 3.30 pm onwards. Details: 9940138749

    a��Mrinalini Sundar


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