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    Mangalam, with a strong cast line up, explores the complexities of typical families and the womana��s place in it all

    Set in the seventies, a fairly average Brahmin family is contending with the death of the eponymous mother, Mangalam. Your attention is assured with long-held secrets, guilt, and mysteries in this two-act play. Abhinav Suresh, director of Mangalam, points, a�?Some issues dona��t change, Mang-alam is about exploring them a�� family politics, infidelity, sexual issues, relationships a�� and getting a stronger perspective on them.a�? The production is a collaboration bet-ween Crea-Shakthi, a Chennai-based theatre group and The Madras Players. Written by Poile Sengupta, the script, which won The Hindu a�� Madras Players Award in 1993, is highly women-centric and known for its motifs of abuse and violence, not necessarily physical.

    Abhinav Suresh

    Abhinav Suresh

    The players
    On the cast, veteran actor, P C Ramakrishna (also a major contributor in the decision to produce the play) a�?was a natural fit for the role of Doraia�? the patriarch widower. Sumitra M Gautama, another veteran performer makes a comeback after 15 years. The rest of the cast, including Venkataraman Balakrishnan, Dharma Raman, Vaidhya M Sundar, Murali Satagopan, Nayantara Nayar, and Vinithra Madhavan Menon are a�?mostly experienced actors who are not just a fit for their roles but whom I trust deeply,a�? Suresh assures.

    The setting
    Suresh, an evident fan of symbolism, promises a visual experience of detailed and clever imagery. Props will remain true to the era the play is set in. a�?We are introducing live music in the show with theA�veenai. It symbolises the woman; culture and respecting it.a�?
    At the Museum Theatre. On November 29-December 1. Details: 9381911977

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