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    LOVE music of any kind. As long as it gets me dancing, singing and feeling. If it doesna��t get me doing any of the above, then I dona��t like it. This rarely happens to me though. Thankfully, for the past couple of years, Ia��ve got my fix of dancing in a festival atmosphere thanks to the number of DJs that have buzzedA� into the city. Avicii, Armin van Buuren, Hardwell, Tiesto, Norman, Deadmau5, Above and Beyond. Phew. Ia��m tired but only in a can-we-get-more-LIVE-acts-please, way.

    And although I would love the DJs to dance and entertain me from the stage like the Katys and Beyonces of the world, I dona��t mind if the rockers came down and with their fancy equipment either. Ia��m praying that U2, Coldplay or Red Hot Chili Peppers to make their way here as well. Or some of the new kids on the block that are so talented yet affordable like Imagine Dragons, Lorde and Macklemore. Surely, I cana��t be the only person yearning for variety here, now can I?

    Raise your music craving hands if you hope some exciting international acts would just descend on the music capital of India. If youa��ve been to literally every DJ driven festival in town so far, then youa��ve shelled out, at the very least, 20k on a turntablist. Or a button pusher. Or CD player.
    Wouldna��t you like to see some Shakira hip shakina�� instead? Or some Rihanna and Drake love drama on stage? Maybe some head-diving from Billy Joe Armstrong of Greenday?

    Oh! And how aboutA� Eminem spitting something fierce on our local mics? I would also give anything to see Justin Timberlake and Timbaland dancing, cracking jokes and collaborating creatively on stage.

    Soon after, I would greatly appreciate a country fair with the Rascal Flatts, Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton and candy to go, before I get my fill of soul music. Adele, Florence, Ellie and Brit emo-pop any one? Oh lord, I think I have just dreamed up a scenario that would keep Bangalorea��s music buffs very happy.A� Exactly the sort of five-year plan this city needs. But as is with most such plans, they usually do what has been done before. In this case, it will be another DJ hitting town. So make sure it is at the very least Daft Punk, with Pharell, and his big brown hat.

    a�� Shagufta Ahmed
    The author is an RJ andA� creative executive at Radio Indigo (shagufta.ahmed@indigo919.in)

    The writera��s views expressed here areA� entirely in her personal capacity.


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