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Indidoll gives your little diva not just a toy to play with but an experience, matching clothes and all


Peeved by kidsa�� obsession with their iPads and PlayStations, Swapna came up with Indidoll a�� a package containing an inspirational story book, an 18-inch doll and matching clothes for the lila�� owner in sync with the illustrations inside the pages. Or you can just buy the doll and the story book. a�?The whole idea is to get kids to identify with the dolls and get them into books instead of television and video games,a�? Swapna says.

Gifted friends
It took two years of perfecting the dolla��s Indian facial features, skin tone and hair colour, and locating a reliable toy manufacturer, before Swapna and her team could launch Indidoll. a�?It was hard getting in touch with toy manufacturers, clothes designers, book publishers and illustrators,a�? she recounts, adding, a�?but thankfully, my talented friends have taken on the various roles. The idea was mine, but the work that went in is a joint effort.a�?

Two little girls
The stories of the dolls centre around strong Indian, female role models named Mani and Taara. Set in the 1800s, Mani is a young sword fighter, mentored by the queen of Jhansi, Rani Laxmibai, herself. Taara is a modern day Bangalorean who has a fascination for science and astronomy. On a field trip to the local museum, she comes to know about Kalpana Chawla and her mission to Mars. With Chawla as an inspiration, Taara begins to aim for the stars.

Design element
a�?A lot of thought and detailing has gone into creating the clothes,a�? says Binaya, the designer. a�?The outfits needed to be child-friendly and they had to be current or the little ones will not wear them. Specially with the Mani doll, keeping it modern yet historically accurate was a challenge,a�? she adds. Made from fabrics like cotton and polycotton, the clothes are on trend and can be worn to parties, play dates or even at home. They also offer dolls modeled on dance forms from different parts of the country, like Manipuri and bharatanatyam. They are currently working on various story ideas like dolls dedicated to sports, environment awareness, technology, business and fine arts.
Rs1,400 upwards.

Details: indidoll.com
a��Rashmi Rajagopal