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    Comedian Naveen Richard makes his TV debut with a hysterical dare-based show

    here is a little voice inside Bengalurean standup artiste Naveen Richard’s head, and it’s not his. It belongs to a lanky Parsi-Punjabi who’s asking him to perform embarrassing-yet-hilarious actions in awkward scenarios — like approaching strangers at a drug store to sign up for a massage — all while making his TV debut! This is all part of a new dare-based show called Challenge Accepted. Richard is competing against four other comics Deep Chhabria, Utsav Chakraborty, Cyril D’Abs and Dhruv Deshpande in this real-life social experiment, hosted by Cyrus Sahukar, who plays puppet-master by whispering ludicrous instructions into each contestants hidden earpiece.
    Laugh riot
    “In one dare, I had to convince aspiring students at an acting studio that I was an acting coach from New York and had to make them act using just their body parts (think ears and knee caps),” shares Richard, laughing, “I felt really bad for them because I was once in theatre and I knew we had to do weird acting stuff but this was beyond anything anyone could even comprehend. How does one express sadness with just their shin bones?”
    So what’s next for this 25-year-old? “Nothing on TV for a while, but a couple of web series that will be out on my YouTube channel ‘Them Boxer Shorts’ soon,” explains the lawyer-turned- standup comedian, adding he’s excited about performing at the Laugh Okay Please:Fringe Comedy Festival in Chennai on March 13.

    Saturday, 8.30 pm on Comedy Central
    —Anoop Menon


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