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    The Moja Club is a new monthly subscription of funky socks

    Admittedly, subscription boxes are a great way to gift yourself a surprise once in a while. From snacks to baked goodies to makeup, the retail space seems to have many an option. After a serious spurt in such boxes over the last two years, it suddenly seemed like the industry needed a bit of a shake up with new and interesting products, at least in India. Just at the right time, comes Mojaclub.in. And their product? Just extremely well crafted socks, wea��re told.The brainchild of 21-year-old Joey Saha, a graduate of Warwick University, the products are sourced from designers across the world. a�?While in university, I would subscribe to these boxes, as it was nice to look forward to a package that I didna��t know the contents of,a�? shares Saha, who is based in Mumbai. On realising the need for such a box in India, he decided to take it upon himself to give people the experience he enjoyed. a�?We as a country need to pay more attention to socks. In a corporate set up, specially for men, socks are a great way to express oneself, without looking over the top,a�? he reasons.
    So, much like Sock Box (Calgary, Canada) and Foot Cardigan (Dallas, USA, who were incidentally on an episode of Shark Tank) the requirements are simple a�� the pieces need to be made from the finest quality of cotton, and the designs, quirky, fun and out of the ordinary. a�?We only pick pieces that are conversation starters,a�? explains Saha. From Tamely Hay in Durban to Sophie Eves in the UK, the designs they source are bold, colourful and unique and feature adorable animal motifs, avocado prints and even famous paintings.
    You can subscribe for a three-, six- or 12-month period. Every package will include one pair of mystery socks, which right now all come in one style. Saha plans to introduce ankle length and loafer socks soon. Rs.399 upwards per month. Details: the mojaclub.in
    a��A� Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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