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    Wendi McLendon- Covey on her role of CEO on The Goldbergs and beyondA�

    Although vibrantly portraying Beverly Goldberg, Wendi McLendon-Covey in reality is far from kooky. Calling her character the CEO of the Goldberg household, on hit TV show The Goldbergs (based on actual footage that creator Adam Goldberg shot in the 80s), McLendon-Covey says ita��s a huge responsibility to play a real person. a�?When I began, I was told not to worry about playing her exactly as she is. I was to make her more likeable, which hints at what she is like in reality,a�? laughs the actor. Lucky for her, Mrs Goldberg approves of the portrayal. a�?The real Beverly comes to set often. And she says she is happy with my version of her.A� If she didna��t, shea��d have shut us down a long time ago,a�? jokes McLendon-Covey.
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    The Bridesmaids star also thinks her wardrobe is horrible. a�?I absolutely hate the fashion. Most of the sweaters are actually Beverlya��s. Luckily, shea��s about seven inches shorter than I am, so nothing else fits. They smell funny and they are awfully itchy,a�? she says. But she does adoreA� herA� TV childrena��Hayley Orrantia, Troy Gentile and Sean Giambrone. a�?I love them like theya��re my own. I have to fight the urge to text and ask if theya��ve eaten. I also occasionally check on them through Facebook. Just the other day I had an intense scene with my youngest, Giambrone, and we both could not stop crying,a�? says McLendon-Covey, who after The Goldbergs will host Repeat After Me,A� a former segment on the Ellen Degeneres Show, where celebrities are instructed to do crazy things in public. a�?When Ellen asked me to host it, I couldna��t say yes fast enough,a�? she says. Next,A� she is off to Canada to shoot Army of One, a film about a man who took it upon himself to kill Osama Bin Laden. a�?And he tried 11 times. I play his lover. So from crazy mother to crazy mana��s lovera��clearly people think of me when they need crazy,a�? she signs off.
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