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    The creative process to be followed to achieve a particular a�?show sounda�� or, for that matter, to exhibit an advertising campaign on radio has changed dramatically in the last five years. While some stations have a full fledged content team, many believe keeping a lean team is the way to go. It really doesna��t matter what numbers your team is made of, whata��s more important is to constantly churn out high-end creatives for the radio unit.

    There was a time when a radio spot would be conceptualised starting with understanding the brand, brainstorming the idea, arranging the music and fitting appropriate voices to it. Today, ita��s none of the above. You really dona��t have to be a creative person any more; you just have to fake it. This trend of hiring fake creative personnel has led to such a bad contamination of on-air content that even quarantining such individuals wona��t help.

    Every ad literally starts with a problem and ends with a solution. Now, this was a route taken many decades ago. Ita��s difficult to believe that the individuals who have been given the job to pen creative work always come up with products that reek of limited intelligence. In the long-run radio spots, the way the station and the product are handled is ridiculous, and recall happens in the wrong way. If campaigns are handled shoddily, and if by chance you get to hear it, then you as an advertiser would know never to showcase your products in that station.

    When you listen to the ad breaks today, there is so much garbage on it that the stink lingers over the radio unit the whole day. You cana��t listen to radio with a gas mask on, now can you? What you can do is switch it off and turn to the internet for better options. The time is now for radio stations to take their advertisers seriously and to stop producing clichA�s from their fake creative factory.

    See you next week.

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