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    From legendary Christmas cakes to ginger snaps and gingerbread men from across the country, we have you covered this season

    Be spoilt for choice this Christmas as we bring you options from popular bakers and bakeries in Kerala, Kolkata, Mumbai and the city too. Whata��s more, theya��re all available at one stop, the online store, Place Of Origin. Read on:

    Pradeep, co-founder of Place of Origin calls Kerala-based Omana Paula��s rich plum cakes the Rolls Royce of plum cakes. Thousands of kilos of grapes and months of peeling and stewing goes into their making. Priced at Rs 770 per kg and delivered in five to six days. Details: placeoforigin.in, 39591648

    Made from the mamra almonds and Belgian chocolate, Nodric Kandie’s marzipan balls are a hit. Choose from 16 flavours like almond, cinnamon, raspberry lemon and mint to name a few. They are vegetarian, gluten free and lactose free. Rs 205 onwards. Details: 09699641112, placeoforigin.in

    Moshea��s is a Mumbai-based chain of restaurants and cafes, whose jams like orange and saffron marmalade, orange and apricot preserve, pear and ginger preserve, watermelon and rose jam, and sweet chilli jam are all hits. Priced from Rs 210. Delivered in seven to eight days. Details: placeoforigin.in, 39591648

    Kolkata-based Flurys, whose rich, dark plum cakes are made with soaked plums, raisins and various candied fruits is available at Rs 400 for 500 gms. Delivered in three to four days. Details: placeoforigin.in, 39591648

    For something local, log off your computer and head to Restore. a�?Expect a surprising flavour of home-made spices,a�? says Nandi Shah, founder of the organic store, about their ginger snaps. With 24 hours notice, you can go home with crispy, coffee brown baked ginger treats with hints of cinnamon and clove. Rs 50 a piece, minimum order of one dozen. Details: 9884070315

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