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    With the launch of A Journey, discover the poet in Narendra Modi

    IF one were to pick out a hobby for our new Prime Minister, poetry probably wouldna��t be high on anybodya��s list. But as writer Ravi Mantha discovered, you never know what folks are capable of. Mantha stumbled on to Modia��s collection of poems in Gujarati late last year. The banker-turned-writer, who has been living abroad for the last 25 years, had come down to volunteer for his election campaign when he came across the poems. Inspired, he brought outA� A Journey, an English translation for 67 of Modia��s poems.
    Modi at his best
    The collection, which releases in the city on June 25, has poems on a variety of topicsa��love, longing, religion, nature and friendship. a�?a�?The real challenge,a��a�� says Mantha, a�?a�?was to understand Modia��s Gujarati. He writes in a literary form, which was quite difficult for a South Indian like me to grasp.a��a�� The poems to watch out for are Bliss and Ramesh Parekh. The latter is based on a Gujarati poet and one of Modia��s friends, says Mantha.

    A Journey is being released
    in association with Prakriti Foundation on June 25 at Amdavadi restaurant, at 6 pm.
    At Rs 295. Details: 66848506

    a��Janane Venkatraman


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