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    Quick opinions with image sharing helps you choose right

    No need to tear your hair out the next time you cannot decide on the right sunglasses or when youa��ve got two new ties to wear. All you need to do is download Pollka and sort out your worries with the help of your friends. Designed by Reuben Philip Abraham, his father Philip Abraham and Rahul Raj, under the banner of Reubro, the app offers instant advice and opinions on anything you may be confused about.

    a�?Say youa��re confused about what to get for your frienda��s birthday. You can post a question by a�?creating aA�polla��. You can open the question to everyone or limit it to a few friends. The option that gets the maximum number of votes is what the most popular choice is,a�? Reuben says, adding that it plays on the idea of wisdom of crowds.
    Voting rights

    Although it offers closed groups that comprise only people you have allowed, Pollka can be used to tap into a larger crowd of people you may know. And you dona��t need to worry about the random responses as administration will strictly review spam and reported messages. a�?We have one administrator who has the provision to view the polls and other activities on Pollka. Any inappropriate content will be automatically taken off before it gets published,a�? Reuben assures us.
    With over 40,000 opinions already on Pollka, it has been creating waves and has even earned itself a spot on the top 10 apps on the Apple store in India. a�?What is different is that Pollka lets you ask questions about anything under the sun from what to eat to what to wear for a party without being judged,a�? explains Reuben. So when the people around you arena��t enough to convince you, then download Pollka (on Android and iOS) and a�?ask the worlda��.

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