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    With Tout Pondi getting a makeover, its creators share what makes Pondy tick in 2015

    1bisHA�di TA�bourbi and Marie Rigoulet want to make life easier for a tourist coming to Pondicherry. After seven years, the French expats are giving their website, Tout Pondi, a makeover.With some quirky pictures, user friendly fonts and an autorickshaw on the mast, the website isA� now pleasant with a touch of quaint.A� a�?Our website was not attractive. We decided to create a new version with better design, content and with a focus on social networks. We now have a real Facebook page and a Twitter and Instagram account that will be updated every day,a�? says Rigoulet proudly. While Auroville-based AurrimaA� (a graphic designer) and 150 DPI (a web development agency) helped with tech support, the duo gives us their pick of things to do in Pondy:
    Details: toutpondi.com

    Rigoulet says
    ?A� For tourists who are looking for a breakfast option, try La��Escale, where you can have home-made brioche, jams and more. Also try Artika Gallery (cafA� des artistes). As for must-try activities, do catch up on parasailing around the lighthouse.

    Tebourbi says
    ?A� Pondicherry is known for its cuisines like Creole, Western, Tibetan, Indian and French. Check out La Villa, handmade momos (on Patel Salai), Canteen 18, New Farm Fresh andA� the new menu at The Promenade (rooftop restaurant) are all very good.
    ?A� For the discerning, there areA� homemade and organic products at Auroville like Marca��s CafA� and Dreamera��s CafA�, Farm Fresh and Gelato Factory.
    ?A� For antique furniture, I recommend, Renaissance and Geethanjali. For handicraft, new stores like La Boutique Saint-Laurent, Janaki and Anokhi.

    Mrinalini Sundar


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