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    Viji Joya��s new line in organic cotton and muted shades comes just in time for Onam

    Flowing long dresses in bold colours, loose silhouettes exploring Indo-western themes and quirky detailing define designer and stylist Viji Joya��s label, That Thou Art. a�?Nature and India are two themes that inspire me. I am drawn by Indian textiles and detailing and I wish to apply it to contemporary cuts,a�?says the attractive designer, who models for her brand.Having worked as a costume designer in Bollywood in Mumbai for five years,A� on films such as Un-Freedom, she came to Pondicherry to a�?take a breaka�? two years ago and never returned. Meanwhile, That Thou Art (translated from the Sanskrit word -Tatvamasi) which began as an experiment, officially launched this April.
    Indian summer
    The newest line is an ode to the festival of Onam in Kerala and features Kasavu (the traditional white and gold Kerala sari) on contemporary silhouettes like tube tops, skirts and palazzos. a�?I am also working on a line for plus size women called Perfect Plus, as most plus size clothes lack the a�?girlya�? element. I intend to use detailing such as a gathered hem,a�? says Joy, who graduated from SOFT, Pune. An earlier collection, Ikru, featured summery dresses, skirts and wraparounds in muted whites made from organic cottons, while Ikat, her debut collection, has Pochampalli cotton cut into dresses, crop tops and skirts.
    Ready to multitask
    Busy setting trends, the 30-year-old Malayali is nicknamed a�?modern yog mandakinia�? for her free-spirited style, by her peers and the locals. From designing to sourcing the fabric and modelling the clothes, ita��s a one-woman show. Joy, who promotes natural handloom using organic fabrics and natural dyes, has no plans of a fashion show. a�?Fashion for me is about what Ia��m feeling on a particular day,a�? she concludes.
    At Casablanca, in Pondicherry and outlets in Bengaluru and
    Delhi. Rs 1,500 onwards. Details:
    0413 2226495

    Niranjana Hariharanandanan


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