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    Enjoy staple Nepalese dumplings by Ashvita Bistroa��s GoGo MoMo, from the comfort of your hom.

    STEAMED momos can lay claim to being the perfect snack a�� delicious, healthy, with ample variety of fillings. Which is why it made a lot of sense for Ashvita a�� which gave us restaurants like Ashvita Bistro and Ashvita Nirvana a�� to begin GoGo MoMo, an outlet that delivers momos and nothing else.Starting point
    Kripa Thomas, CEO of Ashvita retail, explains, a�?I always liked the taste, and although it is now a common concept (momo pick-up counters) in Chennai, you really cana��t get it everywhere. It was already available in our restaurant, so I thought why not have a kiosk outside. And our sauces and fillings are really different,a�? she adds. They offer chocolate and mockmeat as filling options, meant to cater to people who have converted to vegetarianism.
    Taste talk
    GoGo MoMo gets it right with the packaginga��the carry bag is an Ashvita product, with a label revealing that it is made by people with special needs. The most popular momo from the menu is the chicken and cheese, which is a hit with us, too, with just the right amount of cheese. The vegetarian bestseller is the corn and cheese version. However, we didna��t quite take to the dragon mockmeat momos, which were supposed to have the flavour of mince meat but didna��t quite get it right.
    With plans for 10 counters by the end of this year, they also intend to add more varieties of fillings.

    At Rs 95 – Rs 120. At Bawa Road, Alwarpet (42109990), and Fifth Avenue, Besant Nagar (24424404)

    a�� Tushar Kaushik


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