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    Lenka Kripac

    Aussie singer Lenka Kripac talks about her first show in India and her latest music

    hea��s got Barack Obama following her on Twitter. Her song Everything at once is the mellow addiction on the latest Windows 8 commercial. And if youa��re not sitting up already, get this a�� she recently composed a tune for Star Trek director JJ Abrams for a new supernatural TV series titled Believe that is scheduled to be out in January. Aussie singer Lenka Kripac is anything but ordinary. On an Asian tour for her third album, Shadows, the sunshine pop artiste will be getting her first-ever taste of an Indian stage right here in ChennaiA�on SundayA�night. We caught up with Lenka over a telephonic interview from Sydney, ahead of her much-awaited desi trip.

    Wea��re really excited about your show. Is little Quinn (son) coming along too?
    (Laughs) Quinna��s one-and-a-half and flying across Asia with a crying baby on a plane…phew. That would probably take me a week to recover from!

    We hear that your latest album, Shadows actually came together when you were pregnant…
    Yes, I wrote about two-thirds of it when I was supposed to be on leave. Thata��s why I call it the a�?lullabya�� album. And incidentally, the music that Ia��m working on right now is a lot more energetic and pop-heavy…possibly because of a super-active baby.

    Youa��ve got to give us a sneak peak at the new JJ Abrams show that you composed for.
    The show is about a young girl with supernatural powers and they havena��t confirmed it as yet, but my song may just be the title track. Ita��s a big deal because not only is JJ Abrams the executive producer of the series, but therea��s also Alfonse CuarA?n (Gravity) who is the writer/director.

    Wow. Thata��s hitting the jackpot right there. Wait a minute, tell us about the song.
    Well, it isna��t supernatural let me just say. Ita��s called The Long Way Home and ita��s sung by the protagonist, the idea is…should you choose to take the long walk home, sometimes it can be more of an adventure.

    Lenkaa��s to-do-list for India

    Shopping: Of course I get only about a half-day in Chennai if you count the show, about two days in Mumbai a�� but everybody at home already knows theya��re getting Christmas presents from India this year
    Music: Ia��d say a classical concert definitely
    Yoga: A yoga retreat! All my friends who have visited India keep talking about the beautiful ashrams you have there

    (Lenka Kripac will be performing for Divas of Rock at the Taj Club House on November 24)

    a��Sonali Shenoy


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