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    With the second edition of the K-Pop Festival, 20 teams get ready to win a ticket to Korea

    Not even a year ago, Korean culture had a niche audience in the city. But since Chennaia��s inaugural K-Pop Festival last yeara��where John Britto and his dance academy won the competition, and later shook a leg with a�?the friendly and flamboyanta�? Korean boy band, N-SONIC, the first ever K-Pop band to tour India (this January)a��Korean pop is going mainstream. Now, the second edition of the festival, hosted by the Consulate General of Korea and the InKo Centre, hopes to cement this. The competition will see 12 teams of singers and dancers battling it out for gold. Winners will then go head-to-head in the national semi-finals, to be held in Delhi in August, with the toppers going to South Korea for the international finals in October.Cult 18 B 5
    Amongst a lucky draw with a�?surprisea�? gifts and Korean delicacies like beef cakes and bibimbap (a dish made of mixed vegetable rice, sliced beef and egg), an audience of 500 will see dynamic choreography and popular tunes like My Answer by Exo and Taeyanga��s Eyes, Nose, Lips.
    Consul Kim In Kook believes the festival will be instrumental in creating an understanding of Korean culture amongst youngsters. a�?Their knowledge of Korea will come from the dynamic musica��its speed and tempo representing Korean culture,a�? he says, adding,A� a�?I strongly expect the event to bridge cultures and take relations to a new level.a�?
    Britto also attests to the fact that K-Pop is a�?cropping up all over the city. My academy also has K-Pop dance classes now.a�? He adds that you can expect it on the big screen soon.
    July 25, from 4 pm, at the MGR Auditorium at Hindustan Universitya��s Padur Campus.
    Details: 40615500

    Sakshi Kaushik


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