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When most musicians take long sabbaticals from the entertainment industry,A�they rarely make an empowered re-entry let alone top the charts. Yet, Italy-based music producer,Giorgio Moroder, has done just that as his recently released 15th artiste album titledA�Deja vu (his first album in two decades) claimed Billboarda��s pole position in one week. Having spent over 50 years in the music scenea��often hailed as the godfather of modern dance musicA�for his pioneering usage ofA�synthesizers, sequencers and computers to create tracks like From Here To Eternity in the 70sa��he wasA�reintroducedA�to a new generation ofA�listeners in 2013 by the French electronic duo, Daft Punk, via their album Random Access Memories. Now the three-time Academy Award winner has restarted his solo career and is headedA�next weekA�to Mumbaia��s Mehboob studio,A�for his debut Indian performance. a�?I will be playing a DJ set filled with 40-50 songs including hits from Avicii, David Guetta, from the albumA�Deja vu (thinkA�Right Here, Right Now featuring Kylie Minogue)A�and many of my classics featuring vocalist Donna Summer including I Feel Love,a�? shares theA�75-year-old composer, joking that DJing comes easily to him but recovering fromA�intercontinentalA�jet lag is tough. Though he discovered the a�?sound of the futurea�? almost 40 years agoa��which subsequently gave birth to genres like acid house and synthpopa��thisA�four-time Grammy winner is still going full throttle.a�?Besides workingA�on my next album, Ia��m currently working on creating a new AmericanA�TV series calledA�Queen of the South andA�have just finished creating soundtracks for Disneya��s new Tron videogame,a�? he concludes.

a�� Anoop Menon