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Spanish sculpting giant LladrA? launch their new concept boutique in the city

In an episode of the cult show a�� The Sopranos a�� Carmela Soprano raves about her high-end figurine from LladrA?. Not only in popular culture but also closer home in Hyderabad, collectors have always considered sculptures from the Spanish brand a perfect marriage of luxury and art. The decorative porcelain pieces manufacturer has unveiled a new destination at the Taj Krishna premises. They have also raised curtains to exhibit their latest collection that could be the flavour of the festive season.
Midas touch
Inspired by their concept boutique in New Yorka��s Madison Avenue, done up in pristine white with European style decor, curved lines and unique spotligts, this store is a perfect fit to house these items. As you enter the store, you are enthralled by the grandiose of the limited edition Lord Shiva figurine. There are only 720 units of it available in 123 countries. a�?While one unit takes 18 days after the moulds are prepared, the entire collection takes over a year and thousand artisans in the process,a�? says Nikhil Lamba, chief operating officer of LladrA? India. The statue is a departure from the glazed ones, done up in matte finish, with gold lustre on the rudraksha and trishul. The garland is done up petal by petal sans any mould. The gold hues ensure the matte look is redefined making it shine even brighter. This high porcelain piece is priced at `7, 10,000. The process begins when a master sculptor at the LladrA? atelier in Valencia starts working on a clay model. After a go-ahead from the LladrA? family, work proceeds for months with periodic reviews till the near artistic obsession to perfect every inch of the sculpture is satisfied. Only then are they replicated into plaster after which the decoration department works on the engravings and finer details. Once they get this right, they fragment the plaster into different pieces, then moulds are made of every fragment. One department dedicates itself to work on the moulds, that is only used 30-35 times. Every piece is hand-painted. a�?Even the porcelain and palette of colours are made and developed in-house,a�? informs Nikhil.
Collectora��s clique
Apart from the depiction of the god of meditation, the collection also comprises other deities. However, if you are not spiritually inclined there are cricketers, golfers, figures capturing the bonds of motherhood and a couplea��s union. Pop personalities like Elvis Presley too find space there. The patrons are informed when a new collection is ready and are kept updated with regular catalogues. Every sculpture has to be approved by the LladrA? family. Apart from the sculptures, the brand has also branched out to lighting. The fresh additions to this new store are the chandelier with 24 lights in white and gold and the hanging lamps from the Mademoiselle collection. However, what caught our fancy is the wireless and dimmer Firefly lamp. Priced at `25,000, it is hand-painted with glazed finish. Reading by the bedside would never be the same with this piece by your bedside.
`3,700 onwards for the fragrances. Details: 23398640

a�� Paulami Sen


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