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Think the legendary 911 GT3A�RS sportscar is expensive?A�Why not own a Lego version

THE Porsche 911 isna��t just aA�sportscara��ita��s a masterclassA�in race car building. And itsA�hunkier version, the 911 GT3
RS (Racing Sport), takes it to aA�whole new level. Lego has nowA�come up with a perfect scaleddown
tribute to this legendaryA�piece of machinery. ItA�may just be one-eighth theA�size of the actual Porsche,A�but ita��s a brick-by-brick representation
of the completeA�experience of the cara�� allA�the way from building it toA�owning it. To help owners putA�together the 2,704 pieces, Lego
has included an instructionA�manual that cataloguesA�details of the buildA�process ofA�the original Porsche and whatA�needs to done to get your set toA�look like the real sportscar.
By the piece
The wheel rims on the LegoA�car are the original design,A�with the RS emblem. In fact,A�every design and aerodynamicA�element is loyal to theA�originala��including the LavaA�Orange colour. The doorsA�open, the spoiler pops up andA�down, and the tiny steeringA�wheel even turns the front
wheels. Whata��s more, theA�six-cylinder boxer engine inA�the rear has moving pistons.A�Therea��s also a fully functionalA�four-speed Porsche doubleclutchA�transmission in there.A�Sounds complicated to buildA�out of Lego? Ita��s all worth it.
Available at Lego stores inA�Delhi and Chennai.
From August 1. Rs 20,000.
Details: 9962540630

a��Muntaser Mirkar @Bullspeech


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