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    A pre-natal yoga class promises to get you ready for an easy pregnancy

    Pregnancy and childbirth can seem terrifying to many and, traditionally, we in India stop exercising during those nine months. However, yoga practitioner Mansi Gandhi, believes this experience can be joyful and less stressful for the mother and baby with pre-natal yoga.
    The 40-year-old, who has been practicing and teaching it for nearly a decade swears by its effects, citing the example of her second-born who is a�?calmer, more relaxed and focusseda�? as a result of pre-natal yoga (PNY). With this in mind, and the number of private PNY classes she takes, Gandhi felt group classesa��which could also turn out to be beneficial as a support group during pregnancya��would be a good idea. a�?Pre-natal yoga strengthens both the mind and the body. It is not specific to labour like Lamaze, and can work wonders through relaxation, breathing and muscle strengthening exercises that eliminate stress hormones and also keeps the baby healthy,a�? she says.
    It is not strenuous, so active women can take it up during the first trimester. The asanas will strengthen the back and open out the hips for a safe delivery. Pain management, along with confidence building, are the other benefits.
    From March 22 (every Tuesday and Thursday), between 10.30-11.30 am, at Rutland Gate Studio. Rs 9,900 for two months. Details: 28330280

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