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    Ditch the ramen for Tiffin To Goa��s instant meal in a cup

    WHEN away on work or travel, we often find ourselves craving home cooked meals. Entrepreneur and travel enthusiast Shuchi Jain is no different. Co-founder of the Capricorn group, one of the countrya��s largest manufacturers of purees and concentrates, her need for a healthy meal on the go inspired her to start a line of frozen ready-to-eat vegetarian meals. Called Tiffin To Go, they launched last December with three trial flavours, and have now added another 12 variants in the last 45 days. As I sit down to try their instant rajma chawal, all it takes is a cup of hot boiling water and eight minutes, to chase away my doubts. My next pick.the dal chawal reminds me of my mothera��s lunch staple. Jain says their formula is simple. Traditional recipes are standardised by a team of chefs. The prepared food is then frozen, dehydrated (extracting close to 90 per cent of its moisture), popped into oxygen-proof packages, and sealed with nitrogen, giving it a shelf life of close to a year. a�?Compared to traditional preserving methods, freeze drying retains the original characteristics of the food,a�? says Jain. The 15 flavours range from Rava UpmaA� to exotic dishes like Moroccan Couscous, as well as millet and options for the diabetic and calorie conscious. Tiffin To Go, available now in cities like Bengaluru andA� Mumbai, is also a popular food option on airlines like GoAir and AirAsia. Five new varieties are expected to join the list by the end of the year.
    Rs 120. Details: tiffintogo.in

    a�� Lavanya Lakhminarayanan


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