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    Ita��s the day after show time. Our airwaves have been abuzz with different political parties singing their various tunes and whether they will, after all this hullabaloo, dance to our tunes post the results, remains to be seen.

    Radio ads veering from serious to downright hilarious made the raging rounds. Jostling for space with apps and websites all targeting the Indian voters who seem sharply divided. So whether it was the fivefortyfive.com (put together by Indian students in Columbia University), the YouTube music video by Chennai musicians Blaaze and Paul Jacob, appropriately titled Who Is The Idiot, or the Angry Voter game inspired by angry birds which allows you to chuck eggs and slippers at the politician of your choice, that influenced Bangaloreans, they went out and voted yesterday. So as you and I sit, comfortably, or uncomfortably in our seats, our five-year plan as a country is currently being decided for us, hopefully by us. Five years ago, you would have seen billboards, newspaper ads and posters. But with the advent of dramatic technology (what I call the aggressive marketing on social media sites), radio jingles and the internet at large, political parties get a lot more attention, more easily. And while it may seem unnecessary (after all, actions speak louder than words), if we cana��t escape them, they should not be able to escape us either.

    This is an open letter to all the guys in politics who sang, chanted or droned on at us through our car speakers as we were going about our business for the last couple of months. You may or may not come to power. But if you do, make sure you get things done properly, otherwise all social media hell will break lose. Here is what we are expecting from you:
    1. Get the majority (if not all) in this country jobs on decent terms.
    2. Clean food, water and roads for a change a�� not just the dirt tracks we are used to.
    3. Safety for women, men, children, fellow human beings and living things. Yes, and pay your police force a bit better.
    4. Unless you want them to grow up blaming you for everything, give kids access to good unbiased education.
    And dona��t forget that you might be able to fool the older folks who refuse to get a�?sociala��, but you cana��t take us for a ride anymore. So go ahead, enjoy this wait till they announce the results. Because, as soon as the results come, youa��re going to be watched closely. I bet my Facebook name on it.

    a�� Shagufta Ahmed
    Shagufta is an RJ and creative executive at Radio Indigo
    The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in her personal capacity.


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