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    With 27 artists, the second edition of Auroville International Potters Market starts tomorrow

    The second edition of the Auroville International Potters Market is here, with artists from around the country under one roof. a�?Through this event, we try to bring people with similar interests together. The first edition was very successful, with 38 participants and a good turnover,a�? says Ange Peter, the organiser. This year, the market will see around 27 potters from places like Kolkata, Mumbai, Gujarat and Auroville. a�?While we have potters like Devyani Smith, Randitha Bora, Supriya Menon and Puneet Brar participating, the list is smaller because there are similar markets happening in other places,a�? says Peter.
    2You can expect a wide array of functional ware, such as mugs, plates and bowls, and ornamental ware like wind chimes and lamps. Besides an individual display stand, each potter will give live demonstrations in a common area. a�?This year, we also have a childrena��s clay play station where they can make their own models,a�? adds Peter. The pottersa�� market offers an opportunity to see a variety of traditional and modern clay work at one place, along with a chance to interact with the artisans. a�?Through the market, we aim to keep the craft of handmade pottery alive and healthy. We are planning to group around 50 artists in next yeara��s edition, giving them an opportunity to see the different directions their peers have taken,a�? she concludes.
    Rs 50A� onwards. From January 23-26, from 11 am to 6 pm, at the Visitors Centre, Auroville. Details: facebook.com/Auroville.org

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