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    Add green to your home with help from Pretty Patio

    HDAnchor5Mona Da��Silva is painting the town green, one home at a time, through her venture, Pretty Patio. Her gardening solutions are designed especially for those with space constraints. a�?After a lot of research and DIY sessions, I came up with this idea,a�? says Da��Silva, a visual arts graduate from Chitrakala Parishath, who worked with a landscaping company for a few years, before setting up on her own.

    Tips for beginners.
    I would suggest that everyone go organic. Use no chemical pesticides and growth hormones. Learn about composting and organic kitchen waste management. A�Ideal indoor plantsA�Peace lilies, palms, boston ferns are locally available plants that can be kept indoors. A�Easy outdoorsA�Succulents are perfect for the A�forgetful gardener. Keep in sunny spots, and water once a week in the summer and once a month
    during the winter. Rs.300 upwards. At Rabbit Hole, Indiranagar. Details: A�facebook.com/Pretty Patio.GardenUp

    HDAnchor3Rooting for beauty
    Currently working out of her home studio, Da��Silvaa��s products range from terracotta pots, to upcycled planters and terrariums. A riot of brick reds, yellows, royal blue, ceruleans and cyans, the terracotta planters are a huge hit in open bottle shapes, Grecian vases, witchesa�� cauldrons, and tea cups. Terrarium in regular fish bowls as well as water jugs and tea kettles. She also upcycled reclaimed tyres, wood or a�?anything good enough to hold soil.a��
    a�?Pretty Patio is different because I work with living art that serves multiple purposes. My ideas are fresh and my products are quirky,a�? she enthuses. Her latest include reclaimed wood planters with colourful succulents a�?to create a unique statement in your patio or garden,a�? shares Da��Silva.


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