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    From left, Sandeep Arora and Magandeep Singh

    Experts on what they think of the newest invention in the beverage industry

    cocaineMark Phillips. Only time will tell if he will go down in history as the one who revolutionised the way we consume alcohol. But for now, you need to know that the American who owned a limo company before he turned wine connoisseur, has not only created a powder version of vodka, rum (and four other cocktails), but has also got his product a�� Palcohol a�� approved for sale by the The US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. So this means that you may soon be able to carry around a packet of distilled vodka or Puerto Rican rum powder, and simply mix it in water to create your drink. And no, there is no short cut to consuming it (in case you were thinking of getting creative with your nose). Though it is premature to comment before it is tested, we talk to a couple of beverage expertsA� to see what they think about Palcohol:

    I think at this point it is not even a product. It can catch on and be a fad, but eventually, it will have to have sustain. Why do you respect a 21-year-oldA� whiskey more than a 10-year-old? Drinking is about lifestyle, stories behind the drink and consuming it responsibily. What is Palcohol going to stand for?
    a�� Sandeep Arora, whiskey ambassadormartini-up-olives

    It had to happen. Cocaine, truffle salt, all the best indulgences come in powder form so why not alcohol. Lining the rim of a drink, garnishing certain dishes, to make a sauce forA�desserts a�� it can become the lining of our lives, insulating even a commonplace moment. The five stars may catch on, but will play it down.
    a�� Magandeep Singh, sommellier


    -Ryan Peppin


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