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Mexican instrumental duo, Rodrigo Y Gabriela, on their debut India tour

With five studio albums under their belt, the Mexican acoustic instrumental duo, Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero (both in their early 40s) are all set to take the country by storm starting this month end at NH7 Weekender in New Delhi. Though the duoa��s debut performance in India, this is not the first time in the country for Sanchez. a�?I have been to India as a tourist and I got a glimpse into the culture. So I am really looking forward to be here as a musician,a�? he says.

Fabled alliances
Known as Rodrigo Y Gabriela, the Mexican influence shines in all their tracks through their guitar playing style. Their compositions also reveal1 strains of rock and heavy metal. The duo has collaborated with the likes of Hans Zimmer, on the soundtrack of The Pirates of the Caribbeana��On Stranger Tides, and Henry Jackman, on Puss in Boots, in 2011. a�?Working with people whom we have always admired, like Robert Trujillo, Marty Freidman, Zack De La Rocha and Alex Skolnick, has also been a particular thrill,a�? says Sanchez. The duo started young (at 15), after a chance meeting at the House of Culture in Mexico City 25 years ago. a�?For me, inspiration comes from lots of different sources. I am influenced by travel, nature, people, relationships, and, of course, other music and musicians,a�? says Sanchez, who also assures us that their popular compositions like Soundmaker, Misty Moses and Somnium will be part of their India repertoire.

Album for a cause
Talking about their latest album, 9 Dead Alive, which the duo released last year, the guitarist says, a�?We just wanted to shine a light on some interesting individuals who might not be as well known as Nelson Mandela or Gandhi or Rosa Parks.a�? It focusses on lesser known 21st century personalities like Harriet Tubman, an African-American abolitionist, and Viktor Frankl, an Austrian psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor who is known for his best-selling book, Mana��s Search for Meaning.

Future forecast
The duo will also perform at the NH7 Weekenders in Bengaluru and Pune on December 5 and December 6, respectively. Sanchez informs us that after the India tour they will be taking a break from performing live and, a�?there are a number of really exciting projects we are working on, which I cana��t say too much about now. But we will be meeting with some brilliant people shortly,a�? he concludes.
On November 29 at New Delhi. Rs 3,250. Details: insider.in

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