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    Narendra Modia��s emphatic win in the Lok Sabha elections may not have surprised many, including the Congress government. But if websites like rankmyleader had been around when the scams (think 2G, Commonwealth Games) were exposed, the writing on the wall would have been clearer before the campaigns. The website, which allows you to rate political leaders on a day-to-day basisa��based on news and updates sourced from news websites a�� was launched in May this year by Delhi-based software businessman, Jasmeet Singh, and it has already put up around 35 leaders (more to be added) on the voting line a�� including Maneka Gandhi, Amit Shah (recently anointed president of BJP) and Omar Abdullah.

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    a�?Unlike other websites, like i4india.com that bases votes on pre-set parameters, rankmyleader uses current news, leadersa�� speeches, interviews and actions as tools to influence votes,a�? Singh, 30, says, adding that there are other sites like myneta.info, which simply provides information about politicians. Talking about websites in the West, like OnTheIssues and RealClearPolitics a�� that show the agendas put forward by leaders and lists potential Democratic and Independent contenders for the 2016 elections a�� he says, a�?Unlike oursa��, they do not allow real-time voting or provide notifications of popularity changes, which is a feature we have, called a�?political chakraa��. We are also going to integrate with Google Maps to show leaders in their respective locations.a�?

    With plans to add a deliberation forum and individual information dashboards for each leader on the site, Singh informs that statistical analysis of votes can be seen in the integrated graphs and pie-charts, which change every day.A�Details: rankmyleader.com

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