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Team Bangalore is eyeing the world Latin dance stageA�

Eight dancers have put together a a�?performance teama�� to catapult Bengaluru on to the world map of Latin dance. They call themselves Team Bangalore. The name is simple, but it sure packs a lot of promise. It includes leading dance instructors of the city, namely, Kirthi Kishore and Sai Raja of Latin Dance India (LDI), Alex Diaz and Praveena M Nair of Furor Entertainment, and freelancers Minoti Ramachandra, Manoj Kumarsk, and Bindu Prasanna. Hip hop artiste, Sagar Marktho, has also joined this Salsa, and Bachata brigade.
The team unveiled its first Salsa act at the Bailamos 2016 dance fest in Mumbai earlier this month, and received a standing ovation by dancers attending the event, from across the globe. a�?We were moved to tears,a�? Kishore recalls, adding, a�?I got off the stage feeling fulfilled. Our act was better than many of the international performances staged at the fest.a�?
She hopes to continue the a�?dream runa�� at the upcoming international dance championships in Pune, and Singapore. The performances will be a mix of Salsa, and Bachata, with a few Bollywood moves thrown in.
On the floor
Raja of LDI had pitched the concept of Team Bangalore last year, but it took him, and his dance partner, Kishore quite a while to convince others to come on board. As Kishore quips, a�?It took me so much time to get my own husband (Diaz) to our dance studio (the group practises at LDI).a�? She adds, a�?These dancers run their own studios in different parts of the city, and have got students to train. We are asking them to devote 4 to 6 hours every day from Monday to Friday. A dance instructora��s life isna��t rosy. We have to keep our studios running to finance our trips to champisonhips, and even our costumes (the cost of which can go up to `10,000).a�?
And, who takes the final call on choreography? a�?Every Salsa pair gets to choreograph a new routine on a rotational basis,a�? says Kishore.
Despite being experienced, the dancers arena��t taking their training lightly. a�?We are a group, not a pair. So all the four couples have to dance in sync, like mirror reflections. Ita��s a lot of hardwork, which includes even ballet training ,a�? she concludes.
Details: latindanceindia.com
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