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    Actor Philip Winchester ups his game with crazy bike stunts

    Colors Infinitya��s latest offering The Player is about betting, where else, but in Las Vegas. The series, which started airing on Indian TV last month, is about a secret organisation which has coded a software to predict crimes. Ita��s run by one pit boss named Mr Johnson. So far, so good. But this data is instead being used by super-rich people to bet if a�?The Playera�� can prevent a crime and to what extent. This brings us to actor Philip Winchester of the Strike Back fame. He essays the role of a security expert Alex Kane aka The Player on the show. He lets us in on his latest stint.

    How did the show come along?
    Strike Back had just wrapped up. I was in Montana, US, with my pregnant wife and we were literally waiting for our child to be born. I read the script of The Player in the waiting room of the hospital and said, a�?Wow, this is really good.a�?. Its team wanted me to fly to LA for discussion. But I wasna��t willing to leave my newborn girl. Then my wife said, a�?You gotta do this.a�? During the meeting, we talked about shooting guns, blowing stuff up, what Strike Back was like, if I could add anything to this show and if they thought I was the right guy. I walked out of that meeting, hopped in an Uber and got a call, a�?Leta��s do this.a�?

    You do most of action stunts yourself. Whata��s been the
    most daunting so far?
    The most dangerous would have been riding motorbikes or doing scenes where you jump over things because then anything can happen, you can twist an ankle. During The Player, we had to thrash a motorbike through an abandoned mall for a scene and I did a bit of that riding. But stuff goes wrong on a bike and youa��ve got to have your wits about you.

    The Player will click with
    viewers because…
    The writing is really clever, which gives characters some gravitas and humanity. We then put them in dangerous situations where things can go wrong and it matters a�� all the action and drama then matters.

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