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    From Arttdinox to Niraamaya Retreats, this registry helps you gift smartly

    Most newlyweds are familiar with the feeling of owning more pressure cookers than they actually need or having one crockery set too many. Apart from occupying precious space, the value of redundant wedding gifts alone could possibly sponsor a housewarming party. Thata��s where wedding registries come handy. Popular in the West, India is slowly waking up to the advantages of the practice, thanks to registries such as Cherry Tin, and Wishlist.

    The latest kid on the block is ForMyShaadi.com, born out of the personal experience of its founder Sudha Maheshwari. a�?When I got married, I got a lot of gifts we simply could not use. Thata��s when I felt that there was a need for a registry in India,a�? begins Mahesh-wari. Focusing on premium products and experiences, she shares that it was done intentionally, as weddings call for something out of the ordinary.

    Divided into sections such as For Us (clothing, grooming, accessories and gadgets), For Our Home (furnishing, decor and electronics) and For Our First Year (holidays, dining, entertainment etc), the brands theya��ve tied up with include Ethos Watches, The Label Life, Croma, Mont Blanc, Apartment 9, Arttdinox, La��occitane, Truefitt and Hill, and Niraamaya Retreats, among others. Once couples have registered and made a wish list, they can choose a date on which theya��d like the gifts to be delivered. They can also label certain high value items (above `10,000) as a�?chip ina�� products, through which guests can pool in their resources to make the purchase.

    Details: formyshaddi.com
    a�� Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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