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    Boasting the citya��s first aqua gym, besides a spa, juice bar and more, Hab Life basks in the Chennai sun

    Step into the elevator at the Hablis hotel, press a�?8/Ta�� (for terrace, on the eighth floor) and you are whisked up to the citya��s newest centre for wellness. Punctuated by panoramic views, the Hab Life concept is simple: a one-stop halt for fitness, beauty and a healthy lifestyle. Split into two levels, the lower deck houses an infinity pool, an aqua gym and their open-plan restaurant, Pan Asian. Climb a few steps, and you reach the spa and salon, open-air gym, lounge and the juice bar. a�?We are offering a completely new experience,a�? begins Dr Vikas Gupta, wellness officer. a�?The Hab Life takes you out of the confines of cramped, dark interiors, and reconnects you with light, wind and nature.a�?
    With equipment from British brand TGO and Aquagym, the open-to-the-sky workout zones are clutter-free, with instructors for customised routines. The highlight, however, is the aqua gyma��with exercise machines placed in the pool. With water being 1,000 times denser than air and providing up to 12 times the resistance, ita��s a great way to get more from your daily workout. a�?Ita��s also great for people with stiff joints, back problems and sore muscles. It acts like a cushion, protecting against stress and impact strain,a�? says Gupta, who will also be providing yoga, meditation, tai chi, aerobics and Pilates classes.
    Memberships (three, six and 12 months) are still being finalised. Open from 9 am to 8 pm. Details: 40235555

    With wood-panelled distressed white walls and a Hamptons feel, the spa and salon is minimalist. Taking a detour from popular Ayurvedic massages, it offers shiatsu and Thai treatments. a�?We follow a mix of dry and oil-based massages with a focus on pressure points and joint manipulation, rather than long strokes,a�? explains Gupta. With a separate shiatsu room, a couplea��s massage room and hydrotherapy units (soak tub, steam and sauna), he says you can also expect aromatherapy, body scrubs and wraps (all made in-house with natural and organic products). Plus, there are quick salon services, like mani-pedis and blow dry. Services start from Rs 500.

    Juice Bar
    At the end of your workout, sip on drinks like Fire Fighter (an anti-cellulite blend of celery, apple, beetroot and ginger) and Purple Heart (a cholesterol reducer with blueberries, apple, grapefruit and ginger) at the bar. a�?We also have Ayurvedic drinks, crafted according to the different doshas,a�? says chef Kumar, who designed the menu along with Dr Gupta.
    Prices yet to be finalised.

    With an unparalleled view of the citya��s skyline, the hotela��s new 107-cover restaurant balances fine dining with a healthy lifestyle. We settle down on long wooden benches and mismatched chairs to check out the menu that has a decidedly Japanese slant, with a few inclusions of Thai and Indonesian. At the end of a delicious meal of sushi, satay, miso soup and pan fried lamb with Asian spices (complex flavours yet light on the palate), we find we still have room for desserta��a green tea
    cheesecake, where the cream cheese has been edged out by whipped yoghurt. a�?Our food is fresh and seasonal and our sauces are made
    in-house, to keep a check on the ingredients and the fat content,a�? says chef Senthil Kumar K.
    From 6 pm to 11.30 pm. Meal for two at Rs 2,000 approx. Details: 22334000

    Surya Praphulla Kumar


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