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    FremantleMedia launches its first digital fiction series, with Facebook as prime broadcaster.

    OFTEN we see how fans of TV shows or movies become excited when they get a chance to interact with the cast in real life, be it a superstar or a debutante. Now, Fremantle Media is going to tweak this trend a bit. Instead of talking to the real cast, viewers of its upcoming web series, Confessions, will be having online conversations with the characters.
    Revolving around the adventures of three girls who are planning to start a news-related company in Mumbai, the show will be broadcast on Facebook through the lattera��s LIVE feature. a�?The lead actresses will have separate profiles, based on their characters, set up on Facebook through which they will respond to messages, posts and friend requests from viewers,a�? says Ron Crasto, vice-president – branded entertainment and digital partnership of FremantleMedia, adding, a�?The real identity of the girls wona��t be revealed to the public.a�?
    Incidentally, this is the first time that Facebook is streaming a web series and it is Fremantlea��s second digital show after Indiaa��s Digital Superstar. a�?It is directed by Victor Mukherjee, and is written by Tina A Bose,a�? shares Crasto, adding that the first season of the series has 30 episodes, each lasting from seven to 10 minutes. a�?The plot generally looks at how three girls from different backgrounds, hailing from Delhi, Kolkata and Coimbatore, respectively, together try to make a living in a new city,a�? he reveals.
    Show premieres on April 4, and will start streaming after 4 pm. On Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Details: fremantlemedia.in

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