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    Director: Angelina Jolie
    Cast:  Jack O’ Connell, Takamasa Ishihara
    The story follows the incredible life of Louis Zamperini ( Connell), an Olympian and a war hero. After a near- fatal plane crash, he, along with two other crew members, survive on a raft for 47 days, only to be captured by the Japanese Navy and taken to a prison camp.
    Did you know? Jolie and Zamperini were neighbours in Jolie’s Los Angeles neighbourhood.

    The Women in Black 2: Angel of Death
    Director: Tom Harper
    Cast:  Jeremy Irvine, Phoebe Fox
    During WWII, a group of school children arrive at the dilapidated Eel Marsh house. Thier presence awakens the spirit there. Now, they must unravel the secrets of the past to escape harm.
    Did you know? It’s based on Susan Hill’s classic 1989 book of the same name and first came out on television.

    Bold and beautiful
    Altina is a documentary based on the real life  of artist Altina Schinasi, directed by her grandson Peter Sanders. Though a reserved person, her art had bold sexual inferences. She also created the famous Harlequin ‘cat’s eye glasses’. The DVD contains footage from interviews with Altina where she speaks about how her sisters didn’t like her and how she met her first and second husbands. It also contains interviews with other artists and family members.


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