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    Director: Neeraj Pandey
    Cast: Akshay Kumar, Rana Daggubatti, Anupam Kher
    In a country constantly facing terrorist attacks, Ajay Singh Rajput (Kumar) is a sincere police officer who is part of an elite Covert Intelligence Unit. The action begins when he discovers a plan that could threaten national security.
    Did you know? Baby was shot in just 45 days and has no songs. When the team was shooting in Istanbul, a young girl screamed out Kumara��s name and started singing Mujhmein tu, from the film Special 26, also by Pandey.

    Director: David Koepp
    Cast: Johnny Depp,
    Gwyneth Paltrow
    Adapted from the book anthology, Mortdecai, written by Kyril Bonfiglioli, the film revolves around art dealer, Charlie Mortdecai who has to recover a stolen painting that has the code to a lost bank account.
    Did you know? This is the third collaboration between Depp and actor Paul Bettany,A� after 2014a��s Transcendence and 2010a��s The Tourist.

    Arab drama
    Real, dramatic and high on the emotional quotient. This describes the short films, based on Egypt, that the Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation is screening, in association with the embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt. Blue Dive talks about death at sea, Farda Shimal compares the life of a rich boy to that of a poor one,A� Laiba is about a girl who fights for her love, Iskander deals with a child with a disability and, Umma Aadam deals with loneliness. At the Russian Centre of Science and Culture, today, from 6.15 pm onwards.
    Details: 28212652

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