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    Dragon Blade
    Director: Daniel Lee
    Cast:A� Jackie Chan, John Cusack, Adrien Brody, Lin Peng
    The story is about a lost Roman army that flees to the East and faces the Chinese army.
    Did you know? In an interview, John Cucask said, a�?a�?I think the film is an epic, sweeping slice of Chinese history, andA� the Silk Road. But ita��s also about the need to build peace. Sometimes empires may be at war with each other, but thata��s never the desire of the people. In their hearts, people want peace and justice. So I think thata��s what the movie is about.a��a��

    The Gunman
    Director: Pierre Morel
    Cast:A� Sean Penn, Idris Elba, Jasmine Trinca
    A sniper kills Congoa��s minister of mines. Circumstances then force him to return to the area, where he becomes the target of a hit squad.
    Did you know? a�?We are not seeing enough of real violence. We are seeing anaesthetised versions, where you dona��t see the horrors of war. In the 60s, we grew up with the horror of Vietnam on our TV screens. Today we have become anaesthetised by political correctness,a��a�� Penn said recently.

    Body of art
    The Friday Movie Club at Cholamandal presents a documentary on artist Simon HantaA?. Born in Hungary, HantaA? moved to France in 1949 and quickly became known throughout Europe for his large, abstract canvases of profound, saturated colour. The artist devoted his life to developing new techniques. The film has extensive footage of him at work, along with interviews with HantaA?. At Cholamandal Artistsa�� Village, today, from 7 pm onwards. Details: 24490092


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