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    Humari Adhuri Kahani
    Director: Mohit Suri
    Cast: Vidya Balan,
    Emraan Hashmi
    The film is about an illicit love story between a single mother and a hotel tycoon who decideto begin their journey. And then the womana��s past catches up with her. Did you know? Vidya Balan was professionally trained by a florist in Mumbai for her role.

    Israel connect
    Look out for Amir Manora��s film Epilogue (Hayuta ve Berl) a touching taleA�from Israel about an octogenarian couple. The film presents a painful portrayal of old age through its characters ofA�Hayuta and Berl. Presented by Cinema Rendezvous, there will also be an interactive session with Srinivasa Santhanam, a curator of international films. Tomorrow, at Hotel Savera, from 9.45 am onwards.
    Details: cinemarendezvous.com

    Blast from the past
    Looking for an unsual movie to watch? Catch the screening of A Gathering at the Carnival Shop. The short film was inspired by the life of artist K Ramanujam who worked at the Cholamandal Artistsa�� Village and contributed to the Madras Movement of Art. In the film, directed by Mochu, Ramanujam turns into a big black dog and vanishes into his own drawing. At Cholamandal Artistsa�� Village, today, from 7 pm onwards. Details: 24490092

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