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    Director: Arokiadoss
    Cast: Goundamani
    The film is a satire on the problems of present-day farmers in our country. The political comedy will cover economic reforms that affect the lives of agriculturists. It comes with a message that farmers should not give up farming, nor should they give up hope.
    Did you know: Actor-comedian Goundamani is back on screen after a gap of nearly five years. He was last seen in Pollachi Mapillai, released in 2010.

    Black Mass
    Director: Scott Cooper
    Cast: Johnny Depp, Joel Edgerton Based on a true story, the film follows the life of James a�?Whiteya�� Bulger, who was the most wanted fugitive of his times (1980s). Bulger (Depp), raised in a small Boston housing community, grows up to become the leader of the Irish mob. To take down the mafia family intruding into his territory, he becomes an FBI informant.
    Did you know: While preparing for the role, Depp attempted to contact Bulger, who refused to talk to him.

    Danish treats
    At the Danish Film Festival this year, watch Submarino, a tale about two brothers with dysfunctional lives, who meet at their mothera��s funeral (on September 22). The next day, catch Christoffer Boea��s Sex, Drugs & Taxation, which chronicles the friendship between two controversial Danish celebrities, Simon Spies (business tycoon) and Mogens Glistrup (politician). The film festival is organised by the Royal Danish Embassy, New Delhi, the Royal Danish Embassy, Chennai, and the Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation, in association with Cinema da�� Europe. At the Alliance FranA�aise of Madras, from 6.30 pm. Details: eventjini.com

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