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    Spectre: Director:A�Sam MendesA�Cast:A� Daniel Craig, Christop Waltz, Monica Bellucci,A�Lea Seydoux

    Daniel Craig is back in his all-guns-out avatar, and this time around, the mission is about to get more twisteda��with 007 at the risk of becoming officially obsolete. A posthumous message from the late M sends the British spy on the trail of a mysterious criminal organisation. What follows is action-packed sequences, beautiful women and a story line that promises to leave you enthralled.
    Did you know: Actor Kevin Spacey was initially rumored to play the villian.

    Tamasha:A�Director: Imtiaz AliA�Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone

    Ved (Kapoor) meets Tara (Padukone) in Corsica and it is all fun and games. In fact, they decide to reveal nothing about themselves to each other, though they eventually end up falling in love. Soon the holiday ends and they return to their regular lives. But what happens when they meet again, under different circumstances? Watch Tamasha and find out if it lives up to the tag line, a�?Why always the same story?a��
    Did you know: Padukone signed the movie without reading the script.

    Aaranyam:A�Director: KuberjiA�Cast:A� Ram,A�Neeraja, Ilavarasu, Singamuthu, Srihema

    Debutant director Kuberji created Aaranyam with four new actors. The story follows four youngsters who, for the lack of anything better to do, get involved in a robbery. After stealing a cell phone, a series of events leaves them trapped in a forest. What transpiresA� next forms the turning point in the film.
    Did you know: The movie is shot in the dense forests of South India and Thailand.

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