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    Director: Brian Helgeland
    Cast: Tom Hardy,A� Emily
    Browning, Taron Egerton
    Tom Hardy spells double trouble with his dual role of the British
    Kray twins in Legend. Notorious for their organised crime, Legend is the true story about the gangster duo and their monopoly
    over London.

    Did you know: It took Tom Hardy one and a half hours to transform from one twin into another.

    In the Heart of the Sea
    Director: Ron Howard
    Cast: Chris Hemsworth,
    Benjamin Walker, Cillian Murphy
    A huge whale makes the life of the travellers on board the ship Essex difficult. The survivors must brave all the storms that come their way in terms of starvation and sorrow. How many will survive the tempest?

    Did you know: The diet of the cast was restricted to 500 calories a day to stay true to the stranded characters they were playing.

    The Good Dinosaur
    Director: Peter Sohan
    Cast: Raymond Ochoa, Jack Bright, Sam Elliott
    Produced by Pixar, this animated comedy-drama takes you back million of years. A dinosaur befriends a small boy and the tragedy of their parents unite them against storms and other menacing dinosaurs.

    Did you know: This is Peter Sohana��s first directorial venture. He was a story artist for Finding Nemo, Wall- E and other animation movies.


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