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    Darling 2
    Director: Sathish Chandrasekaran
    Cast: Kalaiyarasan, Rameez Raja, Kaali Venkat
    Based on real life incidents that occurred in debutante director Chandrasekarana��s life, this horror film follows five friends on a trip. A ghost possesses one of them, with tragic consequences. Did you know: The movie was initially titled Jinn, but producer KE Gnanavel Raja wanted to make a franchise out of his previous hit, Darling, and renamed the movie.

    Welcome, strangerPreviews-Snip3
    When David knocks on the door of the Peterson family, claiming to be the friend of their dead son, Caleb, he is welcomed. But soon, things start to go wrong in this mystery-thriller directed by Adam Winged. To find out more, head to the US Consulate tomorrow and catch
    The Guest at 11 am. The film stars Dan Stevens, Maika Monroe and others.
    Details: 28574000

    Nod to FinlandPreviews-Snip2
    As part of the Finland Film Festival, catch movies today, April 3 and 4, at the Goethe Institut, Rutland Gate. Organised in association with the Finnish Film Foundation and the Consulate of Finland, the festival will kick off with the thriller Absolution (2015). On April 3, Selmaa��s plight as a mother will come through in the 2014 film, Urban Family, and on the last day, watch Mikko Virtanen get a Swedish identity in Raspberry Boat Refugee (2014). At 6.30 pm. Details: 28331314


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