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    The Secret Life of Pets
    Director:A� Chris Renaud,
    Yarrow Cheney
    Cast: Louis CK, Eric Stonestreet, Kevin Hart, Ellie Kemper
    The movie revolves around a terrier, Max (Louis CK), who lives with his owner Katie (Kemper) and hangs out with his other pet friends once Katie leaves home. His routine is disrupted when Katie brings home a mutt, Duke (Stonestreet), who doesna��t treat him well. But they become friends when they have to face hardships together.
    Trivia: In the trailer, one can see a bus with a poster for the film Sing, set to release in December.

    Director:A�A� Vijaya Baskar
    Cast: Ma Ka Pa Anand,
    Ramki, Rajendran
    Atti is the local slang for the places that boys generally convert into meeting spots. Keeping this as the crux is anchor-turned-actor, Ma Ka Pa Anand in this movie. Set amidst the scenic locales of North Madras, it is a laugh riot revolving around the life of a singer.
    Trivia:A� Ma Ka Pa Anand plays the role of a singer and has crooned for one of the songs.

    Ozhivudivasathe Kali
    Director:A� Sanal Kumar Sasidharan
    Cast: Nistar Ahamed, Arun Nayar, Pradeep Kumar, Baiju
    Netto, Reju Pillai
    The Malayalam movie followsA� five childhood friends who get together on an election holiday to enjoy life. They soon start revealing their inner characters and, to avoid problems and boredom, they decide to play a game from their childhood.
    Trivia: The second half of the movie is just a one 53-minute long shot.


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