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    preview_1Beauty and the Beast
    Director: Christophe Gans
    Cast: Vincent Cassel, LA�a Seydoux, AndrA� Dussollier
    This Franco-German romantic fantasy film is based on the traditional fairytale of the same name by Gabrielle-Suzanne
    Barbot de Villeneuve.
    Did you know? The movie
    was screened at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival.

    preview_2John Wick
    Director: Chad Stahelski
    Cast: Keanu Reeves
    An ex-hitman comes back to
    track the gangsters who took everything from him.
    Did you know? In a recent interview, Reeves explains why he chose the role, a�?a�?I have done roles like Kai from 47 Ronin, Donaka Mark from Man of Tai Chi and John Wick which are all isolated.a��a��


    preview_3Kill Dil
    Director: Shaad Ali
    Cast: Govinda, Ranveer Singh,
    Ali Zafar, Parineeti Chopra
    Bhaiyaji (Govinda) nurtures two killersa��Dev (Singh) and Tutu (Zafar). When Dev falls in love
    with Disha (Chopra), BhaiyajiA� does not accept the relationship.Did you know? Chopra recently announced,a�?a�?After Kill Dil
    releases, Ia��ll take a break. I wona��t be seen on screen for maybe the next nine-10 months.a��a��

    a�� Team Indulge


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