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    Laugh more. Itai??i??s good for your core, says celebrity trainer Namrata Purohit

    Namrata Purohit has got to be the only 22-year-old who coaches everyone from Jacqueline Fernandez to Varun Dhawan. And believe it or not, itai??i??s all thanks to a life-changing fall off a horse. Refusing to accept her prescription medication of staying off sports, she turned to pilates to overcome the nagging pain in her knee and at 16, went on to be certified as the youngest Stott pilates trainer in the world. Thatai??i??s a contemporary version of pilates, in case you were wondering. When she isnai??i??t making people sweat, Namrata is usually on the dance floor, scuba diving or playing squash.

    Weai??i??re not sure when she ever ai???sitsai??i??. This Mumbai-based femme fatale tells us how to maximise our days and what it was like curating a fitness edition with Sugarbox (a subscription-based gift box), likely conceptualised on the back of a horse!

    Tell us about the fall that changed your life.
    Sometimes a fall just teaches you to stand up taller and watch where youai??i??re going, and thatai??i??s what this fall did to me. Today I feel like I am doing what Iai??i??m doing thanks to that fall. It was tough initially, but it also motivated me to do a lot more, and to get moving. As itai??i??s said,ai???every dark cloud has a silver lining!ai??i??

    You help some of the hottest celebrities in Bai??i??town sculpt their bodies ai??i?? at 22! Whatai??i??s the most fun workout memory youai??i??ve had?
    I think we have hilarious moments almost every other day. From getting into laughing frenzies to doing something really silly on the equipment there are a lot of funny moments. One moment I remember was when Anusha (Dandekar) was trying to do an exercise and got confused, after that she basically couldnai??i??t stop laughing at herself. We spent 15 minutes laughing that day! But well, laughing is good for health and works the core too!

    Purchase midamor uses Tell us about the fitness edition of Sugarbox.
    Itai??i??s a fun fitness edition! I believe fitness should be fun. And the box has things that are going to help you make your fitness journey extremely enjoyable. The Fitness edition contains a gym duffle bag, an edgy workout T-shirt, a quirky gym bottle, skipping rope, quinoa puffs, luxurious coffee body scrub, and The Lazy Girlai??i??s Guide to Being Fit book written by me. As per the theme, the edition has an array of products in the category of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and gourmet ai??i?? and all the products are full sized as opposed to samples and with a value of more than double. Itai??i??s an absolute steal!

    Last we heard you dance, play squash, ride horses and go scuba diving when not with clients in your pilates studio. Are you adding anything new to that list in 2017?
    I really want to learn surfing this year and also wind surfing! I’m practicing classical singing as well and learning karate.

    And how do you find the time to do it all?
    I wake up really early to get the maximum hours that I can from a day! This ensures I get enough time to fit it all in.

    Also, we have to ask: is there anything you like to do that involves sitting down?
    Singing! That involves sitting down, at least most of the time. And writing my next book, that involves sitting too. I also enjoyed going through the various products that needed to be selected in curating the Fitness Edition with Sugarbox. It was exciting and not something Iai??i??ve done before and needed some serious sitting down.

    ai??i??Sonali Shenoy

    Fitness goals 2017
    I want to be able to do the human flag on a pole. Itai??i??s a really really tough one but I’m definitely going to try and get there.

    One must-have in your gym bag
    A healthy snack, such that is available in the Fitness Edition with Sugarbox.

    A wellness tip you want more people to know
    Itai??i??s not about how much you do, but more about how much you do right. So focus on your form and work hard, but work right.

    Three foods that rock your world
    Haha, three! I honestly love eating fruits, especially pineapple, kiwi, grapes and apples. I love paneer! Anything that has paneer. And I enjoy eating Italian food once in a while.

    Best song to do ab crunches to?
    Rinse and Repeat by Riton ft Kah-Lo.



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