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    The Bathroom Project turns restrooms into art

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    Bathrooms have always held some sort of interest for Indu Antony, a freelance photographer, visual artist and community director at Numa, Bangalore. She remembers being fascinated by uniquely designed bathrooms, even as a little girl. a�?Being a visual artist myself, the bathroom is my cave of solitude and a space where all my inspiring thoughts happen. I carried a bathroom journal with me through my journeys, where I wrote and drew interesting things that I experienced in bathrooms,a�? begins Antony, who has curated The Bathroom Project. Through the project, six artists have turned an equal number of bathrooms into their canvas, and transformed them into works of art. a�?Numa has so many rest rooms, so I thought it would be a great way to give local artists a platform to express themselves and also act on this rather unusual interest of mine,a�? adds the artist.

    Smruthi Gargi Eshwar, a graphic artist who loves the idea of public art, has worked hard to create a collage of wall murals, made to look like a hundred windows. a�?Ita��s been done in such a way that when you look closely, each window will tell a different story. Ita��s like looking into someone elsea��s private life, from the privacy of a restroom,a�? she tells us.Other artists include Suren Makkar, Phillip C Phillip, Shunnal, and Tsohil Bhatia. Apart from quirky wall murals that you can take in at leisure, guests can also expect to see video projections, digital mapping, and a fresh take on Alice in Wonderland, to stay entertained, while taking a break.April 29, 6.30 pm.Entry free. At Numa, Bangalore, Church Street. Details: 65691530

    Hysteria Local, a music merchandise store, is co-hosting the event. The opening night is set to draw in the crowds as three interesting
    musical acts take the stage.

    Abhi Tambe:

    Having performed as part of renowned band Lounge Piranha in the past, this Bengaluru-based artiste has now gone solo. Currently working on his album, which is essentially a collection of songs that are exploration into himself and his close relationships, expect to hear new material that will make you think.

    Nikhil & Shreyas:

    This duo is known for its raw sound. The live electronica outfit will play a mix of genres, with a special attention to modern experimental music. Catch Nikhil Narendra on synths and samples, and Shreyas Dipali on percussion.


    A four-piece, experimental rock band, Mycologue is heavily influenced by names such as Primus, The Melvins and Tool. The band will launch their debut EP at the event and will also put on a audio visual performance.

    a�� Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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